Late payment invoice wording

Sometime business is not on the right track and some invoices that should be paid is late. This is very common in business and for all of you who works in the billing department you will need the Late payment invoice wording to make all debts paid the invoices. Sometime many collectors does not obey to the rules when they charge someone to pay their debts. There are many instances of a collector collecting debts in a rude manner and making the consumer either traumatized by telephone or face to face. Such a way is very wrong and will hurt the company because there is a better way to collect the debt. In this case we will give examples of how to use good words when collecting either the debt through email or letter. There are many invoice wording that you can use depending on how many days or months he has not paid the invoice. One thing that you have to know when you want to send the invoice using paper or email that is You should use polite words that do not offend feelings. In many studies that sending invoice in a polite way resulted in someone to immediately pay the invoice.

Late payment invoice wording
Late payment invoice wording

Late payment invoice wording tips
As we said before that we have to polite when we send the invoice. Beside that there are some tips when you want to send the late invoice that you have to consider such as you have to proactive to remind the debtors that she/he invoice is late, The other ways that you have to say in your invoice wording that you have 21 days to pay the late invoice before we use the other actions. But still you have to use the polite words in your invoice. you also have to say that you will be charge the late fee. Here is the sample of Late payment invoice wording.

Late payment invoice wording Sample


Home Address

Dear Name

This is your final notice that your payment in the amount $$$ is overdue. letter of notifying was send on date and date and till this date we do not accept any payment. If payment not receive by Data your account will be over to account receivable collection service.

if you have paid the invoice  you can ignore this message and we apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your payment.


Your Name.